Audition – Gerrie van Niekerk – When She Smokes

You have loads of potential Gerrie, I just think that you need to enunciate your vocals better. Find a balance between the tone you’re after and the vocal sounding natural. Check the video on YouTube for my full commentary.
Gerrie studies at COPA Music School.
Audition recorded at The Cooler recording studio.

Danny Meaker – Rain

This song/video has a goosebumps moment for me. Danny kicks his voice into high gear at 2m15s then hits the limit of his range at around 2m34s. The goosebumps come on the very next note when his voice takes on that rasping, rock edge.
See full commentary in the video description on YouTube.

Matt Levings from Club of Suns – Spaceman’s Vertigo

I love the lyrics, the voice and the guitar. Thanks Matt, see ya…no, I have to say something more
See full commentary in the video description on YouTube.
Recorded at

K-Jo “The Dilemma”

#SongsmithsSA This is my work, hope you like it 🙂 ..The Dilemma & Everything has Changed

Posted by K-Jo on Friday, 25 August 2017

K-Jo’s song,  The Dilemma, is mesmerizing. The vocals are beautiful and it’s nice that the lyrics don’t fall into a predictable rhyming structure. That’s not easy to do.
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Monique Hendricks – In My Zone

Watch In My Zone Video

Thanks for your entry Monique. You have a lovely voice and sing well. In the guitar-and-voice format there isn’t much of a distinction between verse and chorus, but that would change in production with the addition of more instruments and voices. I actually like repetitive chord sequences like this. They become hypnotic. Your song would make a good jazzy, trip-hop-ish track. Thanks and well done Monique.

Hayley – Don’t Waste Your Time

Young Hayley turned in a great song and a magnetic performance . I can’t wait to see where this 14-year-old goes from here. Thank you so much for sharing your song Hayley.
Read full commentary in the video description on YouTube.