Songsmiths Ep20 – Core Sample – Tshukudu Ya Kgale – Mapeshwane

I’ve mentioned my record label before. . .We recorded mainly Afropop and African Jazz and I called the label Khula Records. Khula means “growth” which I thought was an auspicious name. Also, “Cooler” (the name of my studio) Continue reading “Songsmiths Ep20 – Core Sample – Tshukudu Ya Kgale – Mapeshwane”

Songsmiths Ep17 – The Stray Natives – CNN

I’ve posted twice about a band called Dicks (Ep 4 and 11) and how it was cool for a while, but fell apart when I tired of hosting a party in my studio every week. Several years after our break-up, I re-joined the same group of guys who had started up again as the Stray Natives. Continue reading “Songsmiths Ep17 – The Stray Natives – CNN”

Remix Contest – Ed Privat’s “I Will Never Forget”

Songsmiths’ second single – “I Will Never Forget” by Ed Privat – is also the subject of our first remix contest. The SoundCloud player below contains the stems you will need to get started on your remix. Download the stems, do what you gotta do to get your creative juices flowing, then create something that will make Monsieur Privat shake his derriere. Continue reading “Remix Contest – Ed Privat’s “I Will Never Forget””

Songsmiths Ep15 – Keith Ramaila – Ba Bohlahle Ba Bohlabela

Keith is the third artist from my former label that I’m introducing you to. He was an African Jazz artist (he’s not dead, he’s just working in other styles now) and I really love the album I did with him back in the early 2000s. Continue reading “Songsmiths Ep15 – Keith Ramaila – Ba Bohlahle Ba Bohlabela”