Songsmiths Ep27 – RazorKutt – MTN8

A few years ago, an opportunity came up for RazorKutt to enter a competition sponsored by MTN (South African cellular network). The contest was to create a theme song for an annual soccer tournament (MTN8). We only had a couple of days to prepare a song to submit, so the guys wrote some new lyrics  to an existing beat and we entered it into the contest. A group of music industry folks and MTN big-shots chose RazorKutt, who were virtual unknowns, to be one of the final 8 artists in the competition!
This video documents their journey through the contest and features their public performance of the track. It was great to see the guys share the stage – and hold their own – with some of South Africa’s top artists.

Songsmiths Ep26 – Live@TheCooler – Wesley Reddy – Bleed

Another one from my Live@TheCooler series. I like the “unplugged” approach to this rock song.

Original YouTube decription:
This is Wesley Reddy of The Born performing an acoustic version of Bleed. Thanks to all of you for a great performance.

Wesley Reddy: Lead Vox and Guitar
James Daubeney: Lead Guitar
Caitlin Jessica Liebenberg: Backing Vox

Recorded live at The Cooler.

Songsmiths Ep 25 – Chris James – Eloise

Fantastic chorus. Definitely one of the album’s highlights. The song is about a real person whose name is not Eloise. To protect the subject’s identity (and because it has 3 syllables) Chris chose to refer to her as “Eloise”.

Chris James – guitar and vocals
Chevy – bass
Rob – drums and backing vox

Produced by Rob Luce at The Cooler.

Songsmiths Ep 23 – RazorKutt – Sgubhu

I know it ain’t much of a video, but these guys carry it with their talent, charisma and humor. RazorKutt is by far the most talented Kwaito act I ever worked with and this is my favorite song of theirs. I can’t tell you what it’s about though. Sgubhu means “drum” and I believe they’re singing about the beat…

Recorded at The Cooler.

Songsmiths Ep20 – Core Sample – Tshukudu Ya Kgale – Mapeshwane

I’ve mentioned my record label before. . .We recorded mainly Afropop and African Jazz and I called the label Khula Records. Khula means “growth” which I thought was an auspicious name. Also, “Cooler” (the name of my studio) Continue reading “Songsmiths Ep20 – Core Sample – Tshukudu Ya Kgale – Mapeshwane”