New Single – Beautiful Losers – Isadora

Songsmiths’ new single is “Isadora” by Beautiful Losers. It recounts the true story of a young Egyptian woman (Isadora) who drowns while sailing across the Nile to meet her lover. Continue reading “New Single – Beautiful Losers – Isadora”

K-Jo Music Video In Edit

I briefly stopped working on K-Jo’s upcoming music video to take a photo of this breathtaking shot during my last edit session. The shot’s breathtaking-ness is due to both K-Jo’s lovely DNA and Neil Kirby’s skill with lighting and cameras. Neil brought his skills – and also his gear – to the production of the video and has now afforded me the opportunity to edit it on his new mac. The video is looking stunning and that would not have been possible without Neil’s generosity and I am infinitely grateful. Thanks Neil. We are indie guerillas!

Now, about the video . . .

If you know the song (The Dilemma), you’ll know that it’s about a young woman tormented by a decision. She’s talks about regret and feeling trapped, so the video has a “stagnant” theme. K-Jo moves through her story without moving much! I think the concept is working well and at times the vid borders on an animation . . . but I don’t want to say too much. You will see it soon enough!

Beautiful Losers with Tulla Eckhart – Shallow

It’s Tulla who wasn’t in the shallow when we recorded this. Stepping into Lady Gaga’s shoes is definitely a step into the deep-end. We Beautiful Losers were content to just splash about in the kiddie pool behind her. Good song, good fun.

It was a pleasure to work with you, Tulla. Thanks for a great performance!

Recorded at The Cooler.

New Single – Beautiful Losers – Home

. . . When the winds of change are blowing in your face
No one there even wants to know your name
Know that you should never have to feel afraid
There is a place that you can still reclaim

You could be home . . .

“Home” is available on iTunes and other major online music platforms.
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Produced by Rob Luce at The Cooler.