Songsmiths Remastered 5/5 – “Home”

I should have specified that this series of 5 re-releases is not the end of my re-release plan. It’s just the first batch of 5 that I have remastered. Another batch of 5 is in the works and I have new music on the way too. In the meantime, turn up this sentimental rocker about leaving your family, friends — everything familiar — behind to start a new life in a foreign country. Long story short, it ain’t easy.

Songsmiths Remastered 4/5 – “Once Around the Sun”

The fourth in my re-release series is “Once Around the Sun” by Club of Suns. OATS boasts spacious verses defined by Matt’s cosmic guitar line and Izak’s smooth bass. Powerful, soaring choruses and a zen guitar solo brings the song in for a gentle landing. It’s a dynamic, not-to-be-missed journey through Club of Suns’ universe.


Songsmiths Remastered 1/5 – “Not Going Down”

I have big plans for all of Songsmiths’ music, so our songs need to sound as good as anything out there. To that end, I have remixed all of the older songs and am in the process of getting them all professionally mastered. “Not Going Down” by Beautiful Losers is one of the first tracks to get a face-lift and it’s rocking! I heard it one the radio the other day and it held it’s own against tracks by The Police, Foo Fighters and other big names, so I reckon the extra work was worth it.

Club of Suns – Mexico – Interview

Last night I had a chat with the spacemen of Club of Suns about music, philosophy, our 3 year musical journey, their upcoming single, “Mexico” and, yes, space. This video is the part of the conversation where we discussed “Mexico” the song (coming May 7, 2020), Mexico the country and other common COS themes. I will post the full conversation soon. Continue reading “Club of Suns – Mexico – Interview”