Beautiful Losers with Tulla Eckhart – Shallow

It’s Tulla who wasn’t in the shallow when we recorded this. Stepping into Lady Gaga’s shoes is definitely a step into the deep-end. We Beautiful Losers were content to just splash about in the kiddie pool behind her. Good song, good fun.

Songsmiths Is On Steemit!

Redhand Blues Band on the tarmac waiting to board our transport to a gig in Namibia.

I’ve been punting on Facebook lately and I’m happy to announce that I am now on board and blogging about my musical life. I’m even happier to announce that the following Songsmiths are on there too: @mattlevings and @stefvonb from @clubofsuns, @edprivat, and Portia is on there as @Laposchepoetry. Let’s follow and support each […]

Welcome To Our First Songsmith!

At approximately 6 pm last night, Ceinwen Buchan became our first Songsmith when she submitted her audition video on our Facebook Page. Congratulations, you’re in the lead! Seriously, thank you and well done.