Beautiful Losers with Tulla Eckhart – Shallow

It’s Tulla who wasn’t in the shallow when we recorded this. Stepping into Lady Gaga’s shoes is definitely a step into the deep-end. We Beautiful Losers were content to just splash about in the kiddie pool behind her. Good song, good fun.

Chris – In Studio Recording “Home”

I don’t have as much time as I would like to dedicate to Songsmiths. That’s one of the reasons I love working with Chris. We get a few (literally three) hours a week to work together, but man is that time productive.

Ed Privat – I Will Never Forget

The Birth of Songsmiths I hadn’t seen Ed in about a decade when, a few months ago, he heard one of my songs online and reached out. Long story short,  I agreed – enthusiastically – to produce “I Will Never Forget” (coming soon) and made a plan to collaborate with more songwriters who could sing […]

Chad Jubber – Stand Up

“Sit down and stand up” sounds like a call to meditate in protest of something. There may also be a reference to an open relationship…Anyway, the song comes attractively packaged and well-delivered (good voice and performance). A great job overall. Well done and thanks for sharing your song with us Chad. Recorded at The Cooler.

Katleho – Frustrated

Well done, Katleho. Your passion makes for a good performance and I like the lyrics. I would like to have heard something more happening in the instrumental spaces though. Something has to take over from the lead vocal there. The pianist could lay back more (maybe a lot more) while you’re singing, then shine in […]