An Interview with Club of Suns

I recently sat down (virtually) with Club of Suns to chat about their newly remastered tracks, sandwiches, the future and more. There’s still more to come from these guys and they’ve started gigging again, so stay tuned! COS on Instagram and Facebook: @clubofsuns

Songsmiths Remastered 5/5 – “Home”

 I should have specified that this series of 5 re-releases is not the end of my re-release plan. It’s just the first batch of 5 that I have remastered. Another batch of 5 is in the works and I have new music on the way too. In the meantime, turn up this sentimental rocker […]

A Conversation with Club of Suns

Here’s the full conversation as promised. We discussed our 3 year, 6 song relationship so it is a bit of a wrap up but, while the production portion of our alliance is over for now, our work will continue as part of a new phase. Enjoy! You know you have the time.

Club of Suns – Mexico – Interview

Last night I had a chat with the spacemen of Club of Suns about music, philosophy, our 3 year musical journey, their upcoming single, “Mexico” and, yes, space. This video is the part of the conversation where we discussed “Mexico” the song (coming May 7, 2020), Mexico the country and other common COS themes. I […]

Talisman by Club of Suns

I can’t listen to the keys in this song without thinking of Stranger Things . . . “Talisman” is the latest groovy, retro, pop/rock-ish track with a transcendent outro from indie rock band Club of Suns.

New Single – Beautiful Losers – Isadora

Songsmiths’ new single is “Isadora” by South Afican alternative rock band Beautiful Losers. It recounts the true story of a young Egyptian woman (Isadora) who drowns while sailing across the Nile to meet her lover.

Club of Suns – Hollow

Fun fact: Hollow and Club of Suns last single, Liberosis, are siblings. For the full effect, listen to Hollow to the end, then click the in-video link to listen to Liberosis. Cosmic.

Beautiful Losers – Carry Me Home

 This is a tough one that’s coming right. And if you’ll remember, this is the song Chris played for his audition. Here’s that video if you would like to hear how the song sounded before the band got hold of it . . .