Chad Jubber – Stand Up

“Sit down and stand up” sounds like a call to meditate in protest of something. There may also be a reference to an open relationship…Anyway, the song comes attractively packaged and well-delivered (good voice and performance). A great job overall. Well done and thanks for sharing your song with us Chad. Recorded at The Cooler.

Katleho – Frustrated

Well done, Katleho. Your passion makes for a good performance and I like the lyrics. I would like to have heard something more happening in the instrumental spaces though. Something has to take over from the lead vocal there. The pianist could lay back more (maybe a lot more) while you’re singing, then shine in […]

Audition – Gerrie van Niekerk – When She Smokes

You have loads of potential Gerrie, I just think that you need to enunciate your vocals better. Find a balance between the tone you’re after and the vocal sounding natural. Check the video on YouTube for my full commentary. Gerrie studies at COPA Music School. Audition recorded at The Cooler recording studio.

Matt Levings from Club of Suns – Spaceman’s Vertigo

I love the lyrics, the voice and the guitar. Thanks Matt, see ya…no, I have to say something more… See full commentary in the video description on YouTube. Recorded at