I’ve mentioned my record label before. . .We recorded mainly Afropop and African Jazz and I called the label Khula Records. Khula means “growth” which I thought was an auspicious name. Also, “Cooler” (the name of my studio) and “Khula” sound the same when spoken by a South African which I though was a nice twist.

So, after I split with my partner and dissolved the label, I remixed and remastered my favorite songs and put them on a compilation I called Core Sample: South Africa. This is one of the best of the best. It’s haunting, the vocals are fantastic and. . .read the description below. Heart-wrenching.

Song: Mapeshwane
Artist: Tshukudu Ya Kgale
Style: African Jazz
Language: Sotho Language, Sesotho
Description: Mapeshwane is based on a traditional Basotho poem about working together. It is the story of a man (Mapeshwane) talking to a homeless child. He asks the child where he is from and what he has had to eat. The child responds that he is from a small village and he eats bread with rain water.

Tsietsi George Maliehe: Vocals
Joseph Seala: Rhodes, Bass
Brian Smith: Sax
Rob Luce: Percussion, Programming
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Rob Luce at The Cooler
Produced by Teboho George Maliehe and Rob Luce
(c) Robert H Luce (p) Teboho George Maliehe