Keith is the third artist from my former label that I’m introducing you to. He was an African Jazz artist (he’s not dead, he’s just working in other styles now) and I really love the album I did with him back in the early 2000s. It has elements of traditional African music, jazz and hip hop. I’ve touched base with Keith every so often over the years because I’ve always wanted to work with him again. In fact, we recorded this video just a year or two ago. It’s a song off the album we recorded and it’s amazing to me how engaging it is despite it’s simplicity. The fully-produced song has a killer bass line and beat and layers of wood flutes. . .I’ll share it with you sometime. Anyway, enjoy this acoustic version. It’s a great performance. I can’t say as much about my camera’s behavior. . .
BTW I love it at the end when he says “I feel this one.” We could tell, Keith. It was awesome.

Song: Ba Bohlale Ba Bohlabela
Artist: Keith Ramaila
Style: African Jazz
Language: Pedi language, Sepedi
Description: Ba bohlale ba bohlabela…It means wise people good people…Gauteng [Johannesburg, Soweto, Pretoria] is the hub of gold and diamonds. So I’m asking how does that help in reducing poverty? Where are the wise people who can make our mines benefit the whole country?
Recorded by Rob Luce at