Songsmiths Ep 21 – Redhand Blues Band – Road to Durban

I can’t remember where our hosts originally heard us, but they liked us enough to bring us to Durban for a 50th birthday party. It’s this kind of road trip with the band that I’m going to miss most.

The featured song here is Hot Tamales (They’re Red Hot) by Robert Johnson. I believe it was written in the ’30s. This song was also covered – appropriately – by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Original YouTube Description:

It was day 2 of the 2010 World Cup (hosted by South Africa) and soccer fever was at a full boil when Redhand headed south for a gig in Durban. Martin had left his house in the hands of some Japanese soccer fans (they were the ones taking pics of his garden) and was fielding calls about how to use the tv, internet, etc. all day. The rest of us sat back and enjoyed the trip. We will be heading down there again soon as we were recently invited to play at the Durban International Blues Festival. Chicago next?