Songsmiths Ep 19 – Live at The Cooler – Koldproduk – Set the Place on Fire

According to the info on YouTube, this was the first L@TC video published June 5, 2011. Beginner’s luck! Great band and a very catchy song.

I was really excited about this video/recording, but the band didn’t share the sentiment. I think they were expecting more. They were thinking “music video” and I was thinking “content” before content was as big a deal as it is now. I guess I was ahead of my time : ) . . .admittedly, they were “bigger” than me and their standards were high.

Koldproduk’s “real” music video /recording of this song is also on YouTube and I just checked it out for the first time. I dunno, I think this live version has more of a vibe. What do you think? Watch/listen to the original here.

Recorded live at The Cooler.