K-Jo “The Dilemma”

#SongsmithsSA This is my work, hope you like it 🙂 ..The Dilemma & Everything has Changed

Posted by K-Jo on Friday, 25 August 2017

K-Jo’s song,  The Dilemma, is mesmerizing. The vocals are beautiful and it’s nice that the lyrics don’t fall into a predictable rhyming structure. That’s not easy to do.
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Monique Hendricks – In My Zone

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Thanks for your entry Monique. You have a lovely voice and sing well. In the guitar-and-voice format there isn’t much of a distinction between verse and chorus, but that would change in production with the addition of more instruments and voices. I actually like repetitive chord sequences like this. They become hypnotic. Your song would make a good jazzy, trip-hop-ish track. Thanks and well done Monique.

Hayley – Don’t Waste Your Time

Young Hayley turned in a great song and a magnetic performance . I can’t wait to see where this 14-year-old goes from here. Thank you so much for sharing your song Hayley.
Read full commentary in the video description on YouTube.

Welcome To Our First Songsmith!

At approximately 6 pm last night, Ceinwen Buchan became our first Songsmith when she submitted her audition video on our Facebook Page. Congratulations, you’re in the lead! Seriously, thank you and well done.

#SongsmithsSAThis song is called Forest Child.It's one of my acoustic songs.Thanks for awesome opportunity 🙂

Posted by Ceinwen Buchan on Sunday, 6 August 2017