Songsmith Chris and Olerato Performing at Women’s Day Event

Chris manages the Exclusive Books at Clearwater Mall and Olerato works there. At the first event of this kind that Chris held at the store, he discovered that Olerato was a talented singer, so they teamed up for a few songs this time around. Continue reading “Songsmith Chris and Olerato Performing at Women’s Day Event”

Songsmiths Ep27 – RazorKutt – MTN8

A few years ago, an opportunity came up for RazorKutt to enter a competition sponsored by MTN (South African cellular network). The contest was to create a theme song for an annual soccer tournament (MTN8). We only had a couple of days to prepare a song to submit, so the guys wrote some new lyrics  to an existing beat and we entered it into the contest. A group of music industry folks and MTN big-shots chose RazorKutt, who were virtual unknowns, to be one of the final 8 artists in the competition! Continue reading “Songsmiths Ep27 – RazorKutt – MTN8”

Songsmiths Ep26 – Live@TheCooler – Wesley Reddy – Bleed

Another one from my Live@TheCooler series. I like the “unplugged” approach to this rock song.

Original YouTube decription:
This is Wesley Reddy of The Born performing an acoustic version of Bleed. Thanks to all of you for a great performance.

Wesley Reddy: Lead Vox and Guitar
James Daubeney: Lead Guitar
Caitlin Jessica Liebenberg: Backing Vox

Recorded live at The Cooler.

Songsmiths Ep 25 – Chris James – Eloise

Fantastic chorus. Definitely one of the album’s highlights. The song is about a real person whose name is not Eloise. To protect the subject’s identity (and because it has 3 syllables) Chris chose to refer to her as “Eloise”.

Chris James – guitar and vocals
Chevy – bass
Rob – drums and backing vox

Produced by Rob Luce at The Cooler.