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“I Will Never Forget” is your classic boy-meets-girl, boy-and-girl-dance-and-smoke-herb, boy-and-girl-enjoy-an-unforgettable-night-together song. It’s quite sweet, really. I love the heavy Reggae influence and the minimalist chorus that allows Ed’s voice to shine.

Listen to the Remixes

We ran a remix contest for “I Will Never Forget” and you can listen to the best entries on the player below. Shatnutla from Istanbul was the winner and had a chance to finish his remix which I’ve also mastered. The other tracks are still pretty raw, so don’t judge! They were all impressive efforts and between Ed and I, we liked them all, but there was only the one that we both liked.

Ed’s “Audition”

The Birth of Songsmiths

I first met Ed in 2011 when he came through to record a song for my Live at The Cooler series. I hadn’t seen him since then when, a few months ago, he heard one of my songs online and reached out. We met, had a couple of beers, chatted about music and agreed to produce a song together. Soon thereafter, we started recording “I Will Never Forget” and I made a plan to collaborate with other talented songwriters who could sing and play. And thus Songsmiths was born!