The Music

Hollow and Liberosis are siblings! Listen to Hollow, then Liberosis and you will attain enlightenment . . . if you also meditate every day for 1000 lifetimes.

The Story

Matt, from Indie Rock band Club of Suns, was one of the first songwriters to contact me about the Songsmiths project. I could tell he understood what I was trying to do and would be easy to work with. I was also impressed by what the band was already doing to promote themselves on social media. They're all visually - as well as musically - creative and had been producing some cool artwork, photos and videos to post online. I liked their style, I liked their work ethic and, thank goodness, I liked their music!
Matt auditioned Spaceman's Vertigo on August 31, 2017, soon after I had launched Songsmiths. I immediately heard it as a guitar-heavy rock song which, I found out later, wasn't what Matt had in mind. But he went with it and the band loves the result.
We have since started production on two more COS songs and neither are hard guitar songs like this one. In fact, Matt put down the guitar and picked up a keyboard for the new tracks which have a fresh, unique sound that we're pretty psyched about.

Matt's Audition (Spaceman's Vertigo)

Why "Club of Suns"?

In the 1927 film, Metropolis, the Club of Sons represents the aristocracy and their comfortable lifestyles, which are lived at the expense of and require the elites to overlook the realities of living as a member of the underclass.

We are the Club of Suns and we object to the Club of Sons and what they represent. The Club of Suns welcomes all children born under the Sun, with all of our differences. Leave all preconceptions at the door.

Hollow, Spaceman's Vertigo and Liberosis were produced by Rob Luce and Club of Suns at The Cooler recording studio.