Last night I had a chat with the spacemen of Club of Suns about music, philosophy, our 3 year musical journey, their upcoming single, “Mexico” and, yes, space. This video is the part of the conversation where we discussed “Mexico” the song (coming May 7, 2020), Mexico the country and other common COS themes. I will post the full conversation soon.

Historical note: This interview was conducted virtually because we are currently in lockdown to minimize the spread of COVID19.  Tons of entertainment is currently being produced in the homes of musicians, artists, actors, comedians, etc. When we look back on the vids produced over this period, we will see a lot of domestic backgrounds (bookcases, blank walls . . .) and a lot of earphone wires hanging from peoples’ heads. Perhaps some of these new practices will carry on into the after-times. It will be interesting to look back on this once we have put some distance between humanity and this horrible pandemic.