Songsmiths on Cape Talk Radio

Sara-Jayne King and I had a chat about Songsmiths live on Cape Talk radio yesterday, 23 August 2021. That’s Cape Talk, folks. The big time!

As the title says, I am looking for singer/songwriters. I’m also looking for rappers, producers, filmmakers, musicians… but I’m getting ahead of myself. All I’m really looking for at the moment is songwriters. You don’t have to be able to sing/rap or play an instrument well, you just have to be able to write good songs.

If that’s you, send me your demo, your finished track or even just a recording of your song you make on your phone and I’ll have a listen. If I like what I hear, I just might produce one of your songs.

Please also send your social media deets if you want me to share your song and tag you.

Thank You

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