The Music

The Story

Beautiful Losers is an Indie Rock band from Johannesburg, South Africa.

When I first started Songsmiths, I contacted my former bandmate, Chris. I have always respected Chris' talents as a songwriter, singer and guitarist and thought he might like to be involved in my new project as a mentor. Well, he did want to be involved, but as an artist as well as a teacher.

Chris and I produced the Beautifuls' first song, "Not Going Down" on our own. But we soon put a band together and have gradually brought the members into the production process. It's great to have their individual styles on the more recent tracks and, after a couple months of rehearsals, we have started gigging locally.

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First Gig, First Song

Meet the Band

Chris - Lead Vocal, Guitar
Chris and I played together in a rock band (Chris James Band) several years ago that enjoyed some success locally (Songwriter's Club, Roxy's, Woodstock...anyone?).

Des - Guitar, Harmonica, Backing Vocals
Des and I were both in a Blues band called Redhand for many years. We had a ball playing gigs in cool places all over southern Africa and I'm quite happy to have my homie Des on board to give us a big, two-guitar sound.

Keegan - Bass
Keegan is Des' son! I first heard him play when Redhand was headlining the Durban International Blues Festival several years ago and his high school band had an opening slot. His playing has matured a lot since then and he's holding down his end quite capably, thank you.

David - Keys
We've added another of Des' progeny to the lineup. David is lending his piano/keyboard and vocals skills to the band. A Drakensberg Boys Choir veteran, David is more than capable of harmonizing harmoniously with Chris' lead vocals.

Rob (me) - Drums
I've been playing drums and percussion in various bands and orchestras since I was 9 years old (how long that actually is, I'm not saying). As stated above, I have played with both Chris and Des before and I'm really enjoying playing with them both at the same time. Can't wait to go live. We're gonna make some magic.