Songsmiths is an indie record label based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am primarily a web-based label that releases [approximately] one single per month online. I'm also building a virtual network of musicians, songwriters, studios, managers, etc. who can help promote each other on social media and streaming platforms.

Aritists can audition to access production and promotion opportunities. Auditioning is an opportunity in itself! If I like your song I just might produce it. If I like your voice, I might pair you with a songwriter. So don't be shy about sharing your voice or your song, I want to hear it.

How Does Songsmiths Help Artists?

The key to success in the music business is building a following.  Songsmiths is building a fan-base, an online community, that can support all of our artists. We are also mixing-and-matching musos and have plans to produce educational content. My goal is for Songsmiths to become a springboard for new talent and a destination for music lovers in search of entertainment. To participate, record an audition with us or record your own and post it on our Facebook Page. If we think you have potential, you will be singled out for development which would include: producing your song, promoting you online and helping you navigate the music industry. This is not a contest with an end date, it is an ongoing process. I want to release a single per month and the production queue is getting long! So write, practice and submit your audition when you are ready, but the sooner, the better.  Submit new songs as often as you like.

Everybody is a Winner

We can't offer everyone the free production and promotion opportunity, but everyone who submits an audition video will get professional advice and exposure on social media. Plus, if you live in the Johannesburg area and would like pro sound on your audition video, you are welcome to record it at our studio for free! We will post your in-studio video on the Songsmiths YouTube channel and send you the link so you can share the vid with your friends and embed it on your website.