Club of Suns – Mexico – Interview

Last night I had a chat with the spacemen of Club of Suns about music, philosophy, our 3 year musical journey, their upcoming single, “Mexico” and, yes, space. This video is the part of the conversation where we discussed “Mexico” the song (coming May 7, 2020), Mexico the country and other common COS themes. I will post the full conversation soon. Continue reading “Club of Suns – Mexico – Interview”

K-Jo “The Dilemma” Music Video

K-Jo’s “The Dilemma” music video premiered last night on YouTube. Wow, a live premiere is stressful! I had planned a string of posts leading up to the viewing and was hustling to send things out, share them, etc. when my laptop’s performance slowed to a crawl. I rebooted – which took a lot longer than usual – in time for one last post and a message to some WhatsApp pals. A minute later one of those pals (Matt, from Club of Suns) messaged back saying that he, along with much of Johannesburg, were without power. I laughed, relaxed and enjoyed the video.